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Cardboard Tube
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Cardboard Tube

Cardboard tubes have a wide range of applications across various industries. These versatile tubes are made of sturdy and durable cardboard material, making them suitable for multiple uses.  From packaging and construction to crafts and advertising, these versatile tubes provide a cost-effective and sustainable solution. Whether it's protecting fragile items during shipping or creating innovative craft projects, cardboard tubes offer endless possibilities.

Why Choose HengFeng packaging?

1、Sustainable solution

Light and strong carton board is the Ideal material for reducing your CO2 footprint and improving your company umage

2、Minimise the material-Maximize the benefit

HF packing solution will help you to optimize and secure your shipments and transporting bringing saving and multiple benefits in your logistic chain.

3、Best experience on global business

With almost 20 years of manufacture and export experience,with innovative product development the company is ready to meed the different demands of today’s every-changing market.We can guarantee high quality products and a reliable service in the packing field.