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How to avoid paper tube deformation?
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How to avoid paper tube deformation?

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To avoid paper tube deformation, first of all, we need to know what causes the paper tube deformation, and try to avoid these situations to avoid paper tube deformation.

1、Storage environment: The raw material used for paper tubes is mainly paper, which has the characteristics of light weight, easy recovery and little pollution. It is favored by many users, and its cost is relatively low. Because of its own characteristics, if the use or storage environment is relatively humid, the moisture in the air is easy to enter the paper tube, which increases the moisture content and reduces the strength of the paper tube. At this time, the paper tube will be easy to deform.

2、Processing quality: The deformation of paper tubes is not only related to the environment, but also closely related to the processing quality of products. If the quality of products is safe and reliable, the temperature and humidity of the environment in which the paper tubes are used and stored should be guaranteed to ensure that the paper tubes have appropriate conditions, so that deformation and other situations can be well avoided. So when we select, we need to see whether the manufacturer has the corresponding qualifications, whether it is a regular manufacturer, etc. In fact, we can roughly judge the qualification of the factory through the network. Only the other party's qualification is OK. If it is a formal manufacturer, the products produced will be guaranteed. If the industrial paper tubes are purchased in batches, it is recommended to check the physical objects first, or ask the manufacturer to send samples directly.

3. Frequent moving: After the paper tube is stored, try to avoid moving, causing surface damage, damage and scrapping. When stacking paper tubes, do not place paper tubes with large diameters on paper tubes with small diameters, so as to avoid falling down due to unstable stacking. Not only are people easily injured, but also the paper tubes are likely to be damaged and deformed.