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How to store corrugated boxes?
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How to store corrugated boxes?

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Corrugated box is one of the most commonly used packaging products. Because it is a paper product, special attention should be paid to storage. In order to ensure the quality of the carton, let’s learn how to store corrugated boxes reasonably:

1. Do not stack the cartons too high

It is easy to stack cartons, but it is difficult to stack them neatly and beautifully. In many factory warehouses, cartons are piled crookedly, and some factories will stack cartons very high in order to save warehouse space. It will crush the shape of the corrugated pit pattern, and it is easy to collapse when transporting the goods, causing loss of cartons and safety risks. It is suggested that the stacking height of corrugated boxes should not exceed 1.6 meters, and the placement should conform to the principles of convenience, orderliness and clarity.

2. It is not recommended to store cartons for a long time

Cartons stacked and stored under load for a long time will cause fatigue, and the compressive strength of the carton will gradually decrease. According to the experimental data in the industry, the compressive strength of the carton will be significantly reduced after two hours. Under the long-term load, the compressive strength of the carton will drop by 30% after one month, and it will drop by 45% after 90 days of storage and stacking. At the same time, the printing content and paper color of the carton will change easily if the stacking time is too long. , affecting the quality of the carton. Therefore, enterprises should purchase cartons according to actual needs and reduce inventory.

3. Pay attention to fire prevention

Corrugated cardboard boxes are flammable items, and great attention should be paid to preventing fire hazards, especially after winter, when the weather is dry, places like warehouses where a large number of carton products are piled up, once caught fire, the consequences will be disastrous.

4. Moisture-proof treatment

Corrugated cartons are very easy to absorb moisture and get damp. Once the cartons get wet, they will become soft, and the physical properties and strength of the carton will be greatly reduced, affecting the normal circulation and packaging quality of products. Therefore, it is recommended to use a moisture-proof dehumidifier to control the humidity between 40-60%RH, or use a pallet to lift the carton above the ground by more than 15cm to isolate the carton from the ground, so as to avoid the carton from getting wet due to the damp on the ground and causing the quality of the carton to deteriorate. reduce. In the rainy season, it can also be tightly wrapped with stretch film to reduce the absorption of moisture in the air by the carton.

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