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Paper corners are required for many product packaging
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Paper corners are required for many product packaging

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The paper corner protector can protect the part of a single product through some specific materials, and it is one of the models of green packaging.

In order to make the packaging and transportation have a firm and stable (explanation: stable and stable; no change) packaging, we need to protect the edges and corners of the goods on the packaged items. A paper corner protector is placed on the corresponding edge and corner of the goods, and combined with the use of wrapping film and packing tape, it can make the original loose and fragmented cartons, sheets, metal pipes, metal cans, glass bottles and other items firm. As a whole, other packaging materials are greatly saved, which not only meets the international environmental protection requirements for import and export products, but also saves costs.

The application fields of paper corner guards are very wide. As you can see, paper corner protectors have been used in many industries:

1. Such as air conditioners, washing machines, electrical equipment, etc., the use of corner guards and honeycomb carton to form a package as a whole can not only greatly reduce the packaging cost, but also have better cushioning performance and easier protection of equipment;

2. Widely used in electronic appliances, metallurgical machinery, ceramics, carton lining, chemical fiber, building materials, furniture, paper, flooring, etc.;

3. As a new protective packaging material for edge protection, corner protection, top protection and bottom protection, the corner guard has opened up a new way of "containerless packaging". For many items, those who only need to protect their corners do not need to package them as a whole. product, which effectively controls unnecessary waste;

4. It acts on bundling cartons or putting them into cartons to increase the strength, which is convenient for loading, unloading and transportation, and protects the products in the cartons from damage;