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Production process of paper corner protector
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Production process of paper corner protector

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At this stage, paper corner protectors are widely used in transportation packaging, and the outer packaging and packaging form show its value. The production process of paper corner guards is roughly as follows:

1. Hanging paper: The total number of upper brackets can be determined according to the number of superimposed layers of paper required by Party A;

2. Gluing:

(1) There are many kinds of gluing methods for paper corner protectors to choose from;

(2) Such as single-layer gluing, double-sided gluing, gluing-type gluing, etc.;

(3) Generally, migration-type automatic gluing is used, and the thickness of gluing should be adjusted by the scraper; Part of the adjustment of super glue wrapping: multiple rollers adjust each layer of printing paper, and it needs to be convenient and convenient when changing the specifications and models of the corner protector of the paper. Low adjustment, suitable for precision; automatic edging of facial tissue, you can choose half-package repair or full-package edging method, and the produced goods have a beautiful appearance.

3. Forming: Press wheel abrasive tool to carry out high-strength rolling forming of printing paper

4. Segmentation: The paper corner cutting machine equipped with the machine is pneumatic and adopts high-toughness sharp steel cutter head for cutting, the segmentation is accurate and stable, and the cutting surface is flat and beautiful;

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