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The application range of paper corner protector is increasing
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The application range of paper corner protector is increasing

Views: 30     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-08-22      Origin: Site

Paper corners are mainly used in the outer packaging of honeycomb carton boxes and carton boxes. With the continuous increase of market demand, the paper corners began to change its previous shape, and appeared around the corners, sheet metal bending paper corners, U-shaped paper corners, etc.

In the outer packaging of the honeycomb carton, the honeycomb cardboard is first used to make the shell to make it a complete shell, and then the paper corners are used to carry out structural reinforcement around it. The combination of paper corners and honeycomb cardboard not only improves the compression resistance of the honeycomb carton, but also greatly improves the load capacity of the honeycomb carton, and also improves the aesthetic characteristics of the honeycomb carton, making the appearance of the honeycomb carton more extreme.

After the appearance of paper corner guards, the disadvantages of poor carton load capacity and easy deformation have also been significantly improved. For a long time, the shape and main purpose of paper corner protectors have not changed much, that is, straight strips, used as edge protectors such as cardboard boxes. However, with the increasing demand for paper corner protectors, the scope of its use is also expanding, for example, from the previous development as a carton edge protector to a surrounding corner protector for barrel-shaped objects such as rolled steel. U-shaped paper corners are another variant of paper corners, and their demand is also rising.

U-shaped paper corner protectors are mainly used in the production of paper trays. Compared with V-shaped paper corners, U-shaped paper corners have a very large advantage. The application of U-shaped paper corners to paper trays can increase the load capacity of paper trays, and it can also facilitate the production and manufacture of paper trays and improve the production of paper trays. efficiency. Because the paper corner protector has the function of bundling the products together to make the overall packaging more solid and firm, and fixing the goods on the pallet has the effect of protecting the goods and the edges, protecting and supporting point products during the transportation process and can be based on the different specifications of the enterprise. And the characteristics of tailor-made are more and more common in packaging design.