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The main application of honeycomb paperboard
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The main application of honeycomb paperboard

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Honeycomb paperboard is widely used in the electromechanical industry, usually used in the packaging of products such as engines, automobile cylinders, motorcycles, high-voltage electrical appliances, heavy machinery parts, etc. In addition, it is also widely used in electronic appliances and instruments, such as computers, air conditioners, Refrigerator, picture tube, TV, various electrical products and high-precision instrumentation and other product packaging.

Nowadays, it is used more and more frequently in the building materials industry. For packaging flat glass, sanitary ceramics, sanitary ware and other products, honeycomb cardboard can greatly reduce the breakage rate of fragile items such as glass and ceramics during transportation.

①Load-bearing tray

The thickened honeycomb cardboard with thick cardboard as the surface layer can be made into a load-bearing pallet, which is light in weight and good in strength, and can replace some pallets made of wood, reducing deforestation and protecting the ecological environment.

②Heavy packing box

Honeycomb cardboard has shown great advantages in heavy-duty packaging, and can be used to make thick wallpaper that high-rise corrugated cardboard is incapable of, to replace or partially replace packaging wooden boxes.

③ Liner cushion

Honeycomb cardboard can be made into different shapes by simple slitting, indentation, etc. without a mold. It can replace the polystyrene (EPS) foam liner in the packaging box, which can not only reduce the serious problem of white pollution of plastic foam, but also It can reduce the volume of packaging containers, reduce packaging materials, and reduce costs.

The combination of honeycomb cardboard and corrugated carton can complement each other's advantages, greatly improve the bearing capacity of the carton, and can be used for the transportation and buffer packaging of large and heavy products.

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