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What is the material of corrugated boxes?
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What is the material of corrugated boxes?

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Corrugated carton is a kind of packaging container made of corrugated cardboard by laminating formed core paper and boxboard paper, and then going through printing, cutting, nailing and other processing processes.

At present, corrugated boxes have gradually replaced wooden boxes and other transportation packaging containers with their superior performance and good processing performance, and have become the main force of transportation packaging. In addition to protecting commodities, facilitating storage and transportation, it also plays a role in beautifying and promoting commodities, and is a green and environmentally friendly product.

According to statistics, more than 90% of the current packaged consumer goods are stored and transported in corrugated boxes. Due to the increasingly sophisticated materials, processing technology, printing, etc., the carton has become a finely printed commercial sales package, which is integrated into daily consumption.

Therefore, corrugated boxes are not only an important part of industrial packaging, but also play an important role in commercial packaging.

Corrugated boxes are composed of corrugated cardboard, which is a multi-layer adhesive body, which consists of at least one layer of wavy core paper (commonly known as "pit Zhang", "corrugated paper", "corrugated core paper", "corrugated core" , "corrugated base paper") and a layer of cardboard (also known as "box board", "box board"), with high mechanical strength, good compressive strength and shock resistance, can withstand collisions during handling, shocks and falls.

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