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Advantages of cardboard gift boxes
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Advantages of cardboard gift boxes

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cardboard gift boxes

Advantages and characteristics of cardboard gift boxes

1、light weight

The weight of 3ply (single-wall) cardboard is about 600 g/m2 based on paper 175/150/150g/m2, But the weight of the wood board(3mm thickness)is about 2000 g/m2, it is triple than cardboard

2、low cost

The raw material is paper which is made from wood pulp and straw pulp, so that it can be recyclable ant Environmental friendly

3、Easy to process

Due to the flatness of the paper, it can be easily printed.

4、Easy to store and transport

it takes a small space during storage and transportation Because the carton can be folded,  so it is convenient for storage and transportation, but is is not available in wood packaging and metal packaging.

5、Best structure

With the structure of U or UV ,the corrugated board will have better burst resistance and edgewise crush resistance