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Advantages of paper corner guards
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Advantages of paper corner guards

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Paper angle board, also known as edge board, is one of the most popular packaging products in the world, which is used to replace wood packaging and other heavy packaging methods. It has the characteristics of low price, light weight, firmness and meeting the requirements of environmental protection. Also known as paper wrapped corner or paper corner board, edge board, Corner paper and paper angle steel, it is formed by shaping and pressing the yarn tube paper and kraft linerboard through a complete set of corner protection machine. The two ends are smooth and flat, without obvious burrs, and perpendicular to each other. It can replace 100% recycling and reuse of wood. It is an ideal new green packaging material.

The global low-carbon environmental storm has spread to the field of packaging and put forward the concept of low-carbon packaging. The main contents of low-carbon packaging include lightweight packaging, cleaner production, green products, energy conservation and emission reduction, paper logging and so on. Replacing wood with paper is the core of low-carbon packaging. The recycling of waste paper not only reduces the consumption of wood, reduces the cutting of trees, protects the ecological environment, but also saves energy, water and emission.

Advantages of paper corner guard: because paper corner guard can greatly reduce the damage suffered by goods in transportation, it is considered to be an ideal packaging product, which can help users improve the external image of the product. According to different transportation modes and environmental conditions, paper corner guards have a wide range of uses.

Prevention of external damage: the practicability of paper corner guards can be comparable to that of wooden cases. At present, the freight loss has become one of the most troublesome problems for multinational merchants. The paper guard plate is fixed around the goods, which can protect the places where the edges and corners of the products are easy to be damaged and reduce the freight loss.

Form a packaging whole: it is used together with the packing belt. Put a paper corner guard on each corner of cartons, plates, metal pipes and other items in the form of monomer, and tighten it with the packing belt to form a solid and stable packaging whole.

Increase the stacking pressure of cartons: the paper corner protector can withstand the pressure of 1500 kg at most. Therefore, when transporting items such as washing machines, microwave ovens and refrigerators, some short paper corner protectors can be placed at the four corners of the carton to stack the cartons together without squeezing the contents, so as to avoid unnecessary damage during transportation.