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Analyze the design characteristics of cardboard boxes
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Analyze the design characteristics of cardboard boxes

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large cardboard boxes

The wrapped corrugated cardboard box is somewhat similar to the 0210 type box, with the difference being that the 0210 box has edges parallel to the width of the cardboard, while the wrapped corrugated cardboard box has edges parallel to the length of the cardboard; The 0210 box joint is connected to the main box surface, while the wrapped cardboard box is connected to the side box surface; The indentation lines on the inside and outside of the 0210 box are in a straight line, while the wrapped box is different.

In terms of use, it is not like the 0210 type cardboard box, which completes the entire process of box making in the cardboard factory and fills the contents into the box after arriving at the user's factory. Instead, it only hands over the die-cut cardboard box blank to the packaging user, who uses an automatic packaging machine to place the contents and then wrap them into a box.

Compared to standard boxes, the characteristic of wrapped cardboard boxes is that they use fewer materials and are tightly attached to the contents, enabling high-speed automation.

Separate cardboard box

Separated cartons can be divided into two or more in the circulation process, mainly solving the contradiction between mass production and small Bulk sale.

Separate cardboard boxes can be combined with various auxiliary materials on the basis of traditional standard box shapes, or new forming methods can be adopted.

The new type of separated cardboard box generally adopts a combination of H-shaped partition and wrapped cardboard box.

There are two types of wrapped cardboard boxes, N-type and F-type. The F-type is more popular among them, mainly used for plastic bottle shampoo and hair conditioner, as well as the outer packaging of glass bottle seasoning.

The F-type wrapped cardboard box can break down the original 20 bottles into two 10 bottles for packaging, improve the compressive strength of the packaging, reduce the cost of packaging materials, and have good promotional functions.

Triangular prism carton

The Triangular prism corrugated box is formed by the box and the corner lining in one sheet. The four corners of the corrugated box form a Triangular prism or right angle column structure, which increases the compressive strength by 20% -50%.

There are two types of Triangular prism cartons: pallet type and sealed type, and there are many types of cartons to choose from. Compared with ordinary corrugated boxes, the compressive strength of Triangular prism corrugated boxes can be increased by 20% -30% in Standard state and 40% -60% in high humidity state; The box will not experience bulging, especially in damp conditions; From a structural perspective, the corners are relatively sturdy, so the damage rate of the interior during drop impact and vibration is extremely low; When applying load, the cardboard box deforms stably and is not easy to cause stack collapse; The tray type Triangular prism corrugated carton has good sales display.