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Application of paper corner protector in product packaging
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Application of paper corner protector in product packaging

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In recent years, paper packaging containers have been welcomed by consumers because of their advantages of low cost, resource saving, good machining performance, mechanized mass production, easy printing, harmless and non-toxic in use, easy recycling and so on. Moreover, due to their compliance with the concept of green and environmental protection, paper products packaging ranks first in the use of packaging materials. However, in the process of the continuous development of paper packaging, people have also found the shortcomings of paper packaging, such as poor load-bearing of carton packaging, easy deformation and so on. In the face of these problems encountered in the development, the role of paper protection is gradually emerging in paper packaging, especially in honeycomb carton packaging and corrugated carton packaging. In the whole development process, the paper corner guard also began to change its previous shape, including surrounding corner guard, bending corner guard, U-shaped corner guard and so on.

In the honeycomb carton packaging, firstly, the honeycomb paperboard is used to make the box into a complete box, and then the paper corner protection is used to reinforce it around. The combination of paper corner protection and honeycomb paperboard not only enhances the compressive performance of honeycomb carton and greatly enhances the load-bearing capacity of honeycomb carton, but also improves the aesthetic performance of honeycomb carton and makes the appearance of honeycomb carton more perfect. After the emergence of paper corner guards, the shortcomings of corrugated boxes, such as poor load-bearing capacity and easy deformation, have also been significantly improved.

For a long time, the shape and purpose of paper corner guards have not changed, but straight strips, which are used as edge guards for cartons and so on. However, with the increasing demand for paper corner protection, its application scope is also expanding. For example, it has developed from being used as the edge protection of cartons to the surrounding corner protection of barrel objects such as steel coils. As another deformation of paper corner guards, the use of U-shaped corner guards is also rising. Today, U-shaped corner guards are mainly used in the production of paper trays. Compared with V-shaped corner guards, U-shaped corner guards have great advantages. The use of U-shaped corner protector for paper tray can not only increase the load-bearing capacity of paper tray, but also facilitate the processing and production of paper tray and improve the efficiency of paper tray production.

Because the paper corner protector can bind the products together, make the overall packaging more solid and firm, fix the goods on the tray, protect the products and their edges, protect and support the products in the handling process, and can be customized according to different specifications and requirements of customers, it is more and more widely used in product packaging. At present, there are also some manufacturers of paper corner protection and paper corner protection production lines in China. Shanghai Lvshun Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest manufacturers specializing in the production of paper corner protection production lines, paper cutters, paper corner protection and other packaging materials in China. According to the needs of the market, the company has developed a complete set of paper corner protection production lines and paper cutters with novel design, excellent manufacture, simple operation, complete functions and reasonable price, Deeply welcomed and supported by the majority of users.