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Basic functions of paper corner guards
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Basic functions of paper corner guards

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As paper corner guards can greatly reduce the damage of goods during transportation, they are considered as an ideal packaging product, which can help users improve the external image of the product. According to different modes of transportation and environmental conditions, paper corner guards are widely used.

Prevention of external damage: The practicability of paper corner guards can be comparable to that of wooden cases. At present, freight loss has become one of the most troublesome problems for multinational businesses. Corner guards are fixed around the goods, which can protect the vulnerable parts of the product corners and reduce freight loss.

To form a whole package: it is used together with the packing belt. A paper corner guard is placed on each corner of the carton, plate, metal tube and other articles in the form of monomer, and the packing belt is fastened to form a solid and stable package.

Increase the stacking pressure of the cartons: the paper corner guards can withstand the pressure of 1500 kg at most. Therefore, when transporting items such as washing machines, microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc., use some short paper corner guards on the four corners of the cartons to stack the cartons together without squeezing the contents, so as to avoid unnecessary damage during transportation.