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Basic information of paper corner protector
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Basic information of paper corner protector

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Paper corner protector, also known as edge board, is one of the most popular packaging products in the world, which is used to replace wood packaging and other heavy packaging methods. It has the characteristics of low price, light weight, firmness and environmental protection. It is also known as paper wrapped angle or angle protection paperboard, edge plate, angle paper and paper angle steel. It is made of bobbin paper and kraft paper through a complete set of angle protection machine. The two ends are smooth and flat, without obvious burr, and perpendicular to each other. It can replace the wood for 100% recycling and reuse. It is one of the ideal new green packaging materials.

The paper corner protector is made of several kraft paper after being pasted and pressed by the corner protector. It mainly has L-shape and U-shape. Used for stacking goods, it can strengthen the edge support of packaging and protect its overall packaging strength. It is a green packaging material and can replace 100% of wood for recycling.

The global low-carbon environmental protection storm has spread to the packaging field, and the concept of low-carbon packaging has been put forward. The main contents of low-carbon packaging include lightweight packaging, cleaner production, green products, energy saving and emission reduction, and replacing wood with paper. Paper is the core of low-carbon packaging. The recycling of waste paper not only reduces the amount of wood, reduces the felling of trees, protects the ecological environment, but also saves energy, water and emissions. According to calculations, the production of 1 ton of paper from waste paper can save 5 cubic meters of wood, 60 cubic meters of water and 300 kilowatt hours. As a new protective packaging material for edge protection, corner protection, top protection and bottom protection, paper corner protection has opened up a new way of "container free packaging". All kinds of goods, which only need to protect their edges and corners and do not need to be included as a whole, are greatly benefited and more energy-saving and environmental friendly.