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Brief introduction of paper corner protector
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Brief introduction of paper corner protector

Views: 6     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-06-28      Origin: Site

Paper corner guards, also known as edge boards, are one of the most popular packaging products in the world. They are used to replace wood packaging and other heavy packaging methods. It has the characteristics of low price, light weight, firmness and compliance with environmental protection requirements. It is also known as paper wrapped angle, angle protection paperboard, edge plate, angle paper and paper angle steel. It is formed by shaping and pressing Kraft linerboard and bobbin paper by a complete set of angle protection machine. The two ends are smooth, flat, free of obvious burrs, and perpendicular to each other. It can replace 100% of wood for recycling and reuse. It is an ideal new green packaging material.

The paper corner protector can bind the products together to make the overall packaging more solid and firm. Moreover, the paper corner protector is a very environmentally friendly packaging material and can be recycled again. This saves resources to a great extent. In this era of resource conservation and environmental protection, the paper corner protector has really become a more and more commonly used packaging product.