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Characteristics of corrugated box
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Characteristics of corrugated box

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Characteristics of corrugated box:

1. Resource saving, low price.

2. Empty containers are light in weight, easy to handle, easy to set, and save storage and transportation costs.

3. Select different thickness and paper according to the content to make cartons, so as to save cost.

4. The surface can be finely printed, with good display and advertising effects, providing added value for products.

5. It is easy to manufacture and can be folded and pasted freely, so it can be rolled into various shapes.

6. It can be used to buy a large number of cartons in a short time.

7. After special processing, it can be applied to various weather conditions or the packaging needs of refrigerated and frozen goods.

8. It can be applied to mechanized and automatic packaging.

9. After application, it will not produce waste gas pollution and can be incinerated or regenerated.