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Characteristics of paper corner guards
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Characteristics of paper corner guards

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1. The products can be bundled together to make the overall package more solid and firm.

2. Fixing the goods on the pallet can protect the products and their edges.

3. Protect and support products during handling.

4. Our company can customize according to different specifications and requirements of customers. It can reinforce the pallet during the transportation of goods, so as to avoid the damage to the corners of the edges during the handling, packing and transportation of goods. It can be recycled and recycled, and it can avoid fumigation in export containers, save costs, and is widely used.

5. Provide firm packaging for pallet transportation: the paper corner guards can protect the edges and corners of any goods loaded on the pallet. It is used together with the packing belt (or packing film) to make the originally loose and fragmented cartons, plates, metal tubes, electronic components and other items into a solid whole, so as to prevent the goods from tilting and collapsing. Another advantage of paper corner guards is that it is very convenient to unpack, as long as you cut the packing belt or box film.

6. Prevent external damage: if paper corner guards are only used to protect the surface without reinforcement, the thickness can be 3mm, and its size can be determined according to the size of the corner guard. In order to reduce the cost, some small corner guards can also be used to protect the edges and corners that are damaged due to the tightness of the packing belt.

7. Increase the stacking pressure of cartons: placing paper corner guards on the four corners of cartons can enhance the stacking strength of cartons, play a buffer role in case of external impact, and also stack cartons together without squeezing the items inside.