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Common types of paper corner guards
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Common types of paper corner guards

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Bending type

The bend paper corner guard is made of raw cardboard and multi-layer bobbin paper, which are pressed and glued by multiple rollers. The corner guard has a 90 degree angle, and there are equal and unequal sides on the sides. The method is to cover the whole package and half package, and the surface is smooth and flat without obvious burrs. There are mainly L-shaped and U-shaped models, which fully comply with ROHS environmental substance control standards. It is a green packaging material that can be recycled 100% instead of wood. The size range of bent paper corner guards is wide, ranging from 30mm to 100mm in width and 2.5mm to 8mm in thickness. The length can be arbitrarily cut according to requirements, and can also be stamped into various shapes and printed with LOGO according to customer requirements.

Bending paper corner guards are used together with pallets to strengthen the overall packaging of the pallets and prevent goods from tilting and collapsing; When folding paper corner protectors are placed outside the carton for packaging, they protect the carton from being pulled apart by the packaging belt, and strengthen the strength of the carton corners; Folding paper corner protectors placed in the inner corners of the carton can enhance the stacking strength of the carton and make the packaging stronger;


U-shaped paper corner guards are mainly used in conjunction with honeycomb panels and are mainly used in the household appliance industry. In addition, U-shaped corner guards can also be used for paper box packaging, door and window packaging, glass packaging, etc.