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Composition and application of paper packaging structure
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Composition and application of paper packaging structure

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Paper packaging refers to the products made from raw paper or the combination of raw paper and other materials, mainly including corrugated boxes, paper boxes, paper cups, paper dishes, paper bowls, honeycomb cardboard, paper cans, paper bags, paper tubes, paper corner guards, cardboard, paper reliefs, pulp molds and hardbound books, periodicals and picture books. Modern paper packaging products mainly play a role in disseminating scientific and cultural knowledge; 

Product promotion and promotion; Measurement and packaging of products; Decoration and protection of products; Facilitate the transportation and sales of products. As paper packaging products are easy to recycle and belong to environmental protection green products, they are especially suitable for the internal and external packaging of products. With the innovation of paper packaging production technology and structure, the quality level of paper packaging products is constantly improved. 

Modern paper packaging products can replace wood packaging, plastic packaging, glass packaging, aluminum packaging, steel packaging, iron packaging, etc. The production process of paper packaging products is simple, which is conducive to reducing production energy consumption and material consumption and improving economic efficiency. It is an ideal choice for market economy and the development direction of circular economy.