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Consumer raw material paper for mailing tube
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Consumer raw material paper for mailing tube

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The consumption raw materials of mailing tube include kraft paper, white cardboard, coated paper, etc. the corresponding disposal of paper tube shall be stopped before the consumption of paper tube. The coating of raw paper needs to be stopped, and a layer of film is added to the raw paper to make it waterproof, oil-proof, heat sealing, lubrication and beauty. Then, if the paper tube needs to stop printing, stop printing the paper through the printer. The products of paper tube manufacturers are widely used packaging materials. Their use can well protect the safety of internal goods. What factors affect its compressive strength and what should we consider in production. Thirdly, the coated paper needs to be cut by the paper tube slitting rewinder to make it into a suitable size. After that, paper tubes of different specifications are manufactured by gluing, winding and cutting on the paper tube machine.

Let's take a look at the source of kraft paper. This demand dates back to ancient times. At that time, kraft paper was made of real calf leather, but with the development of science and technology from time to time, this kind of real kraft paper is very rare today, unless it is in the appearance of gongs and drums or in the brand kraft paper bag. About the sharing introduction of the storage mode of weighted paper tube, we can learn about this knowledge from the following four aspects: mode 1. In order to prevent the paper tube from being affected by moisture and deterioration, we should choose a ventilated and dry warehouse with appropriate temperature to avoid the impact of environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity on the paper tube and economic losses. Today, the paper made by papermaking process, chemical method, dye, rubber and other processing is called kraft paper because it looks like Kraft.