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Discussion on corrugated box technology
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Discussion on corrugated box technology

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Easy Fold Corrugated Mailer Box

Structural type of sesame open door carton

Sesame open door carton is a new design concept of corrugated box packaging, that is, easy to open corrugated box. There is no obvious difference between the appearance and structure of the carton and the ordinary corrugated carton. The key process is to paste a tearing adhesive station tape inside the corrugated carton, and leave a small opening outside the carton. When opening the carton, you can open the carton without any tools as long as you follow the tearing tape from the small opening to show the packed items.

Introduction to processing technology

Necessity of tearing

Compared with the production process of ordinary cartons, the production and processing process of easy to open corrugated boxes adds a high-performance, self-adhesive tear tape on the inner surface of corrugated boxes, and a corresponding tear opening is designed for the tear tape, so that users can open the cartons without the help of external forces, and the tear opening is beautiful, which does not affect the product display effect.

Tear tape

The tear tape for easy opening cartons consists of a modified tension polypropylene back combined with a natural rubber adhesive. Natural rubber adhesives provide excellent initial tackiness, excellent tear resistance and strong adhesion on different material surfaces. The tear tape used in the production of corrugated boxes is generally a reel winding structure. According to the width of the torn tape, the general width ranges from 3mm to 20mm, and the length of a roll of tape is about 40000 meters. The long reel packaging method can reduce the times of replacing new reels, which can improve the production efficiency.

Carton production process

Design determines the final effect of the product

For carton products, design is particularly important, otherwise it is difficult to meet customer requirements, and return may occur, causing heavy losses to the enterprise.

I think the marketing department should transfer all the customer information to the process design department after receiving the order. It includes the decoration requirements, specifications and dimensions, box structure, contents and weight, stacking layers and other related contents of the layout. After being designed by the design department, it can be transferred to the manufacturing department to complete the realization of the product.