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For the operators of start-up products, outer packaging is very important
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For the operators of start-up products, outer packaging is very important

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1、No matter what product is, high quality can make the product survive, so whether it is production or agent distribution, we should choose excellent products.

2、 In the face of dazzling products, consumers should choose your products. We must refine the selling points of your products before operation. We can intuitively let your consumers know the advantages of your products and what to bring to consumers.

3、 The phenomenon of commodity homogenization is very serious. Not only people need to see the value of products, but also products. The visual design of products should also attract the attention of consumers. The refreshing feeling can stimulate consumers' consumption desire.

4、Although the product packaging box should pay attention to visual impact, the packaging should not be excessive. Now consumers will pursue the cost performance of products. Flashy products can only make your products unsalable on the shelf.

5、 Enrich the product line in time. If a steamed bread shop adds pastry after a short time, you will feel that the steamed bread and pastry of this shop are not good, because the focus determines the specialty, and the specialty determines the quality.

6、Choose a suitable sales channel. Supermarkets, e-commerce and franchise stores are the mainstream sales forms. According to their own products, choose their own sales channels, you can make more money.

7、 Before selling, you should let customers know more about your products. E-commerce should make detailed pre-sales service pages. Entities should have detailed shopping guide services to break consumers' inner doubts, so as to better promote transactions.

8、 Create your customer community. Offline commerce and e-commerce are developing in the direction of community. Maintaining these old customers will often make you survive without advertising support.

9、 Let strangers become your customers and let customers' friends become your salespeople. Good product, good service = good reputation. Don't ignore the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

10、 Integrity is the principle that enterprises must follow in market operation. At the beginning of entrepreneurship, businesses will follow the principle of integrity, but many enterprises often can not stand the test of time. Products and integrity should coexist. Integrity exists in products, not in products.