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Hengfeng wishes you 2023 Qingming Festival Ankang
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Hengfeng wishes you 2023 Qingming Festival Ankang

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The annual spring grass is green, and it is the Qingming Festival. The Qingming Festival in 2023 is approaching. In order to vigorously promote the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, deeply promote the transformation of funeral customs, and actively cultivate a civilized, green, simple, and safe new style of modern sacrifice, we have issued the following proposals:

1、 Civilized sacrifice, changing customs. “Be cautious in pursuing the future, and focus on the heart rather than the form.” “Heart sacrifice” “is more important than” “form sacrifice” “.”. Advocate the use of new forms of memorial service such as family memorial service and online memorial service to commemorate our ancestors. As long as you bring a heart of gratitude, awe, and piety, whether it’s a ritual in front of the tomb, or at home, or choosing new ways such as “cloud ritual” or “generation ritual”, you can express the feeling of remembrance and remembrance for the deceased, comfort and enrich the spirit and soul of the living, and help the Tomb Sweeping Festival return to the true meaning of “Tomb Sweeping”. The Qingming Festival is an emotional education that inspires and urges future generations to inherit virtues, cherish the present, love life, consciously and actively assume family and social responsibilities, and integrate the filial piety emotion of the Chinese nation that is cautious in pursuing the future into modern civilization.

2、 Frugality, sacrifice, and filial piety. “Filial piety is the first priority for all good deeds, and it is better to sacrifice and enrich than to nourish the elderly. It is recommended that residents and friends take the lead in promoting the traditional virtues of respecting, respecting, and loving the elderly. When the elderly are alive, they should do their utmost in filial piety, and achieve a sense of dependency, support, and happiness for the elderly.”. After the death of an elderly person, it is recommended to handle funerals in a simple and simple manner, advocating not to be extravagant and wasteful, not to compete with each other, and to be frugal in sacrificing and sweeping, in order to reflect on the past in a new way of green civilization.

3、 Safe Sacrifice Sweeping, Green and Environmental Protection. Advocating that residents should not burn paper money or throw sacrifices in streets, squares, parks, residential areas, and other places. Consciously establish a sense of green environmental protection, and do not burn paper, incense, or set off firecrackers in cemeteries, forest areas, and cultivated land to prevent fire accidents caused by sacrificial ceremonies. We should actively participate in activities such as “flowers for paper money” and “ribbons for mourning”, conduct.

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