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How many kinds of paper tubes are there
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How many kinds of paper tubes are there

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Common paper types of various paper tubes:

1. Common industrial paper: straw board paper, common hanging paper, wood pulp hanging paper, kraft paper and coated paper;

2. Special for industrial paper tube: plant mixed paper [chemical fiber paper], parchment, white paper and colored paper;

3. Packaging tube: coated paper, aluminum tissue paper;

Purpose of paper tube:

1. Various types of paper tube and paper barrel production lines are used to make paper tubes, paper cores, paper barrels and paper cans used in chemical fiber, papermaking, plastics, packaging, textile, printing and dyeing and other industries;

2. Various types of paper corner protection production lines;

3. Make all kinds of paper guard board, honeycomb paper core, paper tray, etc;

4. High grade carton and carton production line;

5. All kinds of manual and automatic pagoda tube mechanical winding;