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How to design environmentally friendly packaging boxes?
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How to design environmentally friendly packaging boxes?

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Environmental protection packaging box consumer equipment has developed from simple independent single station and dual station consumption to continuous and automated wet pressing processes for high-quality environmental protection packaging box products, and more unattended intelligent consumer equipment has been developed. The application scope of environmental protection packaging box products has also expanded from the low demand agricultural and sideline product pallets, food and drug packaging, industrial product connotation to fixed instruments and meters, and electronic product protective packaging.

As for high-precision disposable tableware, research centers related to environmentally friendly packaging boxes have also shifted from reducing consumption costs and expanding the range of product applications to deeper structural innovation, additive development, measurement of the physical properties of environmentally friendly packaging box products, and processing technology design of high-precision paper mold products, with a wide range of applications, large market capacity, and rich potential.

Its products can be widely used in electrical packaging, seedling planting, medical appliances, tableware, fragile mats, etc. With only the need to improve and replace molds, compatible environmentally friendly packaging box consumption lines can consume multi-purpose products. As the two largest economies in the world, China's environmentally friendly packaging box products have a very pessimistic development and application prospects, with broad development prospects. The raw materials for environmentally friendly packaging box products are widely sourced, The main raw materials are mostly herbal fibers. Currently, domestic grass fibers such as reed, bagasse, bamboo, and wheat straw do not only have environmental pollution problems, but also have reliable raw materials. Enterprises that use waste paper as raw materials for pulp molding products generally do not have environmental pollution problems.