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How to Pack Paintings and Artwork with Packing Tubes
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How to Pack Paintings and Artwork with Packing Tubes

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When it comes to transporting artwork and paintings, packing materials are key. One great option is using packing tubes. With the right technique, packing tubes can provide efficient protection for your valuable artwork.

Here are some tips for packing paintings and artwork with packing tubes:

Choose the right size cardboard tube

It's important to select the right size packing tube for your artwork. Packing tubes come in different lengths and diameters, so you need to measure your artwork to ensure the tube is a good fit. It's also a good idea to choose a tube that is slightly longer than your artwork, so there is some extra space to add cushioning material at both ends.

Prepare your artwork

Before packing your artwork in a tube, make sure it's properly prepared. If the painting is framed, remove the frame and any glass covering the artwork. This will reduce the overall size and weight of the painting and help prevent damage during transportation. Additionally, if you are shipping a canvas painting, remove any staples or tacks holding it to its wooden frame - that way it can roll easily.

Wrap the artwork in protective material

Once the artwork is prepared, it's time to wrap it in protective material. Use a layer of acid-free tissue paper to cover the surface of the art, followed by a layer of bubble wrap. Make sure the bubble wrap is not overly tight on the artwork, as this can cause indentations in the surface. Secure the bubble wrap with packing tape, and add additional layers if necessary.

Roll the artwork

With the protective layers in place, it's time to roll the artwork. Start at one end and roll the painting tightly in a cylinder shape, keeping the protective materials on the outside. This will help prevent damage to the painting during transport. When you reach the other end, use packing tape to secure the roll.

Place the rolled artwork into the packing tube

Once your artwork is rolled up, it's time to place it in the packing tube. Insert the artwork carefully, and make sure it's centered in the tube. Add any extra padding or cushioning materials to the ends to ensure a tight, secure fit. It's also a good idea to add a label to the outside of the tube with the name of the artist and title of the artwork, as well as any instructions for handling or unpacking.

Seal the packing tube

Finally, it's time to seal the packing tube. Use layers of bubble wrap or foam to add extra cushioning to the ends of the tube, then cap the ends securely with packing tape. Make sure the tape is tight and secure, as this will help prevent water or dirt from entering the tube during transport.