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How to prevent fire and moisture in the production of paper tubes
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How to prevent fire and moisture in the production of paper tubes

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1. In the process of storing and using paper tubes, avoid contacting oil stains as much as possible. When cleaning oil stains, you can gently wipe them with soot or cotton cloth, and do not scrape them with hard objects.

2. When wiping the dust on the surface, gently wipe it along the grain with a dry cotton cloth.

3. Avoid putting heavy objects on the paper tube.

4. In wet days, pay attention to often remove the water drops on the paper tube to keep the paper tube in a dry environment for a long time. For materials such as paper tubes, we must pay attention to fire prevention when storing them. Generally, paper tubes are treated from the two aspects of materials and environment. Let the paper tube manufacturer take you to know more about them.

I. The fire prevention treatment of stored paper tubes is generally carried out from two aspects. One is that for the paper tubes themselves, some materials with relatively good fire prevention and flame retardant effect can be added during production, so as to have a good barrier effect in case of fire,

II. Another problem that needs to be paid attention to is the treatment of the infrastructure of the warehouse, which is to do a good job in the fire prevention of the warehouse. In addition to the stored items, put an end to any other things that may ignite, and do a good job in some treatment of the periphery of the warehouse to prevent the emergence of open flames.

III. In addition to these treatments, we should also deal with some fire-fighting infrastructure, such as fire extinguishers should be able to be used smoothly, such as fire-fighting pipelines should be in the state of water, and some fire-fighting passages should always be normal, so as to prevent trouble before it happens. In addition to the above three aspects, especially in winter, the manufacturers of dry paper pipes should put an end to operation. It is strictly forbidden to use fire, oil, electricity and gas in violation of regulations, and it is strictly forbidden to use open fire for operation or heating at the construction site. During the festival, factories and enterprises should strictly implement the responsibility of fire safety, strengthen the on duty inspection, and eliminate fire hazards in time.