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How to use paper angle board for packaging products
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How to use paper angle board for packaging products

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edge board

Paper corner protection, also known as corner protection paperboard, edge board, paper Corner and paper angle steel, is formed by shaping and pressing Bobbin Paper and kraft linerboard by a complete set of corner protection machine. Both ends are smooth, flat, free of obvious burrs, and perpendicular to each other. At present, it is widely used in the packaging and transportation of electronic and electrical appliances, high-tech products, furniture and other products. It is an ideal new green packaging material.

In recent years, paper packaging containers have been welcomed by consumers because of their advantages such as low cost, resource saving, good machining performance, mechanized mass production, easy printing, harmless and non-toxic in use and easy recycling. Moreover, because they comply with the concept of green and environmental protection, paper products packaging ranks first in the use of packaging materials. However, in the process of the continuous development of paper packaging, people have also found the shortcomings of paper packaging, such as poor load-bearing of carton packaging, easy deformation and so on. In the face of these problems encountered in the development, paper protection is gradually emerging in paper packaging, especially in honeycomb carton packaging and corrugated carton packaging.

In the whole development process, the paper corner guard also began to change its previous shape, including surrounding corner guard, bending corner guard, U-shaped corner guard and so on. In the honeycomb carton packaging, firstly, the honeycomb paperboard is used to make the box into a complete box, and then the paper corner protection is used to reinforce it around. The combination of paper corner protection and honeycomb paperboard not only enhances the compressive performance of honeycomb carton, greatly enhances the load-bearing capacity of honeycomb carton, but also improves the aesthetic performance of honeycomb carton, making the appearance of honeycomb carton more perfect. After the emergence of paper corner guards, the shortcomings of corrugated boxes, such as poor load-bearing capacity and easy deformation, have also been significantly improved.