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Industrial paper tube is developing towards multi-function
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Industrial paper tube is developing towards multi-function

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Today, with the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection and health, the requirements for industrial paper tubes are becoming higher and higher. The industrial paper tube not only meets the development needs of green packaging, but also solves the problem of environmental pollution caused by packaging waste. It can undertake a variety of food packaging tasks, and will have better and faster development in the future. At present, food packaging around the world has a good momentum of sustained growth. Industrial paper tubes are developing in several directions of versatility:

Moisture proof: spray waterproof material on the surface of the paper to form a film attached to one or both sides of the paper, so that the food packaging paper has moisture proof performance. This kind of paper has good printing, folding, bonding and other characteristics, and can be used like ordinary paper.

Fresh keeping: after chemical treatment and adding selective resin to the pulp, the paper can keep the baked food fresh.

Temperature sensing: add man-made fiber that can change color with the temperature change into the pulp, indicate the ambient temperature according to the color change of the packaging paper, and effectively preserve the food according to the color change of the food packaging bag.

Visible: after special surface treatment, after the surface of the paper is wetted, the paper changes from opaque to transparent. Consumers can see the food in the bag without unpacking, and it can play a role in avoiding light in the dry state.

Edible: edible packaging paper is extracted from vegetables and shells, which is not only convenient for consumers, but also avoids environmental pollution caused by packaging waste.

Sterilization and anti-corrosion: inject sterilization or anti-corrosion raw materials into the pulp, so that the paper packaging can prevent bacteria from invading and delay food deterioration.

Other functional food packaging paper, as well as water-resistant, oil-resistant, acid resistant, deodorizing and other special materials.

In recent years, industrial paper tubes occupy a very important position in the paper tube industry. In China, paper packaging materials account for about 40% of the total packaging materials. From the perspective of development trend, the consumption of paper packaging will be increasing. According to the prediction of relevant planning departments, it will reach 27million tons from 2006 to 2010 and 36million tons from 2011 to 2015. At the same time, the implementation of the "plastic restriction order" has further promoted the market demand for paper tubes in the paper packaging industry.