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Manufacturing method of customized paper tube
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Manufacturing method of customized paper tube

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In order to overcome the problems existing in the existing customized paper tube process, technicians provided a customized paper tube and its preparation method, which can ensure the smoothness and stiffness of the paper tube, make full use of the waste pulp of related industries, and jointly reduce the cost from the perspective of raw materials and waste. In order to achieve the above purpose, the preparation method of this paper tube with stable size adopts the following technical scheme, which mainly includes the following steps: first, beating: mix the semi hydrated fiber with the waste pulp, soak the upper surface of the waste pulp with glue, press and degumm after soaking and completely expanding, and stir the wet material evenly to form the primary pulp; Second, feeding: put the primary slurry into the hopper of the extruder and extrude the primary slurry to form a primary pipe; Third, wire feeding: before outputting the primary pipe, add reinforcing strips on both sides or inside the secondary pipe, and then output the primary pipe to the extrusion section; Fourth, cutting: cut the primary pipe with reinforcing strip according to the required length, dry it into finished products at high temperature, and pack it into storage.

What should be noted in the production is: after pre mixing the semi hydrated fiber and the collected waste paper pulp, put it into the barrel, and pour glue, so that the glue does not pass through the waste paper pulp and semi hydrated fiber, and the semi hydrated fiber and waste paper pulp gradually expand in the glue; Extrude glue and stir wet waste paper pulp and semi hydrated fiber. Under the action of semi hydrated fiber, the adhesion between the expanded waste pulp increases, and the strength of the waste pulp increases. With stirring, the stirring shear force will further enhance this effect. After mixing evenly, it is added into the hopper of the extruder and extruded in the extrusion barrel of the extruder to form the first pipe. The end of the extruder barrel is the die opening. The two side walls of the die opening are respectively provided with a wire inlet channel communicated with the die opening extrusion cylinder. At this time, the fibers wound on the reinforcement roll automatically adsorb on the main pipe or enter the inner wall of the main pipe under the action of vacuum. At this time, the glue on the surface of the primary pipe is still in an uncured state, and the fibers adsorbed on the primary pipe are fixed on the primary pipe when they are transported forward. When the primary pipe is output to the die, it becomes a finished pipe.

The advantages of the customized paper tube are: the waste pulp can be used as the main material, and the semi hydrated fiber can be used as the auxiliary material in the waste pulp. The waste pulp does not need to be pretreated before use, realizing the secondary reuse of the waste pulp; Moreover, the hardness and surface finish of the paper tube can reach the level of customized paper tube made of log pulp; And when subjected to external forces, the paper tube has high hardness and no deformation. The speed of producing customized paper tubes by this method can be doubled compared with the original, and the cost is only one third to one fifth of the original. Compared with the paper tube of the same specification made by conventional process, its flat compressive strength, main pressure bearing surface strength and overall compressive strength are increased by more than 20%, and the drop strength is increased by more than 25%, which can basically meet the packaging requirements of mechanical and electrical products and bulk materials.