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Many places have introduced green packaging schemes for express delivery
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Many places have introduced green packaging schemes for express delivery

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paper tube packaging

Recently, the governments of Hainan, Zhejiang, Henan, Yunnan and Shanghai have successively announced green transformation plans for express packaging, mainly including giving priority to the use of degradable materials, reducing packaging consumables, increasing recyclable packaging and reducing the proportion of secondary packaging, and put forward quantifiable goals.

For the blank market left by non degradable plastic packaging bags, the market generally believes that both paper packaging and degradable plastic packaging have substitution potential, which was also mentioned by the aforementioned meiyingsen people.

In terms of reducing the use of packaging consumables, relevant people of dashengda said that this is the main direction of the company, "Some of our award-winning designs mainly focus on packaging lightweight, which is also to meet the actual needs of users. In addition, the company is also trying to reduce packaging attachments, such as reducing the use of plastic tape and ink, which are related to green environmental protection, but I think the main difficulty now may be to solve the problem of recycling."

The so-called packaging recycling refers to "increasing the application of recyclable packaging" mentioned in the above scheme. The financial Associated Press reporter learned that there are various types of durable materials for recycling packaging, but mainly high-strength and low gram weight plastic products. As such products involve logistics terminal links, the logistics platform has been trying to layout for many years, focusing on reusable and replacing traditional cartons.

However, it should be noted that this kind of circular packaging also has the hidden danger of cross pollution caused by inadequate killing, so it is difficult to promote it comprehensively or face great difficulties.

In contrast, paper tube packaging has a mature recycling mechanism, which is returned to the paper mill through waste recycling, and then sold to the downstream packaging manufacturer after reprocessing. However, this pattern is also controversial because it does not meet the requirements of the manufacturer for independent recycling.

As for reducing the secondary packaging rate, higher requirements are put forward for the packaging link of goods manufacturers, which may help to improve the quality of logistics packaging and guide logistics service providers to intervene. People in the logistics industry told the financial associated press that there are cases where enterprise customers pack by themselves or give it to express delivery, and the charging prices are different. Relatively speaking, the former situation accounts for the majority.