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Mailing Tube 

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In today's highly competitive market, it is crucial for companies to stay aligned with consumer expectations to retain and attract customers. One aspect of a company's strategy that often plays a significant role in shaping consumer perception is packaging. Packaging not only protects the product bu



What high technologies are used in the production of paper tubes?
The utility model discloses a paper cylinder production line, which aims to provide a paper cylinder production line that can improve the cutting quality of the paper cylinder cutting ring groove. The key point of its technical scheme is that the production line is equipped with a cutting device for



Industrial paper tube is developing towards multi-function
Today, with the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection and health, the requirements for industrial paper tubes are becoming higher and higher. The industrial paper tube not only meets the development needs of green packaging, but also solves the problem of environmental pollut



Environmental protection of industrial paper tube industry is very important
In recent years, paper tube industry, paper industry, industrial paper tube industry and other industries related to paper have made great development. However, while developing, we must not forget the importance of environmental protection, so how can development be conducive to the construction of



How many kinds of paper tubes are there
Common paper types of various paper tubes:1. Common industrial paper: straw board paper, common hanging paper, wood pulp hanging paper, kraft paper and coated paper;2. Special for industrial paper tube: plant mixed paper [chemical fiber paper], parchment, white paper and colored paper;3. Packaging t



What are the advantages of Packing Tubes
The advantages of Packing Tubes:



Consumer raw material paper for mailing tube
The consumption raw materials of express paper tube include kraft paper, white cardboard, coated paper, etc. the corresponding disposal of paper tube shall be stopped before the consumption of paper tube. The coating of raw paper needs to be stopped, and a layer of film is added to the raw paper to