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Packaging Box

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Generally used as a mid-range packaging method, it falls between inner packaging and outer box packaging. As the name suggests, a color box is usually made up of several colors, giving people a strong visual sense, allowing buyers and users to have a little understanding of the overall appearance an



What are the characteristics of color packaging box printing

Nowadays, there are many printing factories for packaging color boxes of all sizes. Although the printing of packaging color boxes has many similarities with ordinary printed materials, due to the fact that packaging color boxes are mainly used for product packaging, they will have various shapes in



What are the problems with eco-friendly packaging?

Degradable environmental protection packaging box refers to organic substances that can be naturally synthesized, including plants, food, dung, paper, wood, fertilizer, etc. Under the action of microorganisms, bacteria, molds and algae, biochemical reactions occur, causing various changes from appea



How to design environmental protection packaging box?

The environmental protection packaging box consumer equipment has developed more unattended intelligent consumer equipment from simple independent single-station and dual-position consumption to the continuous and automatic wet pressing process of consuming high-quality environmental protection pack



It is not easy to choose the right corrugated box

When selecting corrugated boxes, first consider the nature, weight, storage and transportation conditions and circulation environment of the product, then design according to the design principle of shockproof packaging and the design method of corrugated boxes, and in addition, follow relevant stan



How to store corrugated boxes?

Corrugated box is one of the most commonly used packaging products. Because it is a paper product, special attention should be paid to storage. In order to ensure the quality of the carton, let’s learn how to store corrugated boxes reasonably:1. Do not stack the cartons too highIt is easy to stack c



What is the material of corrugated boxes?

Corrugated carton is a kind of packaging container made of corrugated cardboard by laminating formed core paper and boxboard paper, and then going through printing, cutting, nailing and other processing processes.At present, corrugated boxes have gradually replaced wooden boxes and other transportat