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Paper tube category introduction
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Paper tube category introduction

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Paper tube factories are widely used in printing and dyeing, food, electronics, plastics and other industrial industries. The classification of paper tubes used in different industries is also different. Paper tubes also have their own classification. What are the classification of paper tubes? What are the characteristics of different types of paper tubes?

1. High strength paper tube Description: with high compressive strength and stable surface gap, it is widely used in papermaking, film and other large winding industries. Its outstanding advantage is that it is suitable for winding with high speed and large capacity, and has high cost performance.

2. Description of iron head paper tube: the end is strengthened with iron head to meet the needs of turnover and recycling, improve performance and save cost.

3. Description of spandex paper tube: it has accurate geometric size and weight, high strength, can be produced automatically by professional slotting and imported equipment, excellent quality and huge production capacity. It is suitable for the winding of spandex silk.

4. Small wall thick paper tube Description: thin wall, flat end face and accurate length. It is suitable for adhesive tape, fresh-keeping film, medical and other industries.