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Is it a paper tube or a paper core? Technically, they are the same thing. The materials and the manufacturing process are exactly the same. The difference is how they are used.  If you are wrapping something around them – they are a core. Think tape, labels, or toilet paper. If you are putting something inside them, say a poster, an invitation, or even a fishing rod – they are a tube.

When someone asks where I work the next question is inevitably, “what do they make?”  The question after that is “for what? The easiest answer is, similar to paper towel and toilet paper rolls or a shipping tube for posters. The more detailed answer and what manufactures is actually, paper tubes and cores used for tape, labels, films, textiles, poly bags, ticket stock, displays, mailing and shipping, packaging and protection, blast-hole casings, fireworks, cremation rollers, pet toys, crafts, storage, wine bottle holders, and the list goes on.  You get the idea…paper tubes and cores. It’s what we do.

Paper tubes and cores are such a versatile product. It is always interesting to talk with customers about how they are going to use their tubes or cores. Sure, most of them are using them in their manufacturing process or as shipping tubes but even finding out a little more detail of how they use them and about their product is interesting and helps us to better understand their requirements. Then you have the very creative people who are using them for all types of crafts, storage of documents artwork, mailing invitations with confetti, ribbons, and trinkets, telescopes, speaker tubes, candle molds, plant starters, pet toys, model airplane wings, exercise aids, games, magic tricks, etc. You never know what they will think of next!