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Preservation method of paper tube
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Preservation method of paper tube

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Paper Tube Packaging

Because the paper tube is a paper product, the radial compressive strength of the product is easily affected by the air humidity in the production, storage and use environment. The paper tube manufacturer has done such a test. If the paper tube is placed for 24 hours in an environment where the air humidity exceeds 65%, its radial compressive strength can be reduced by about 10%. Generally speaking, the greater the air humidity, the thinner the wall thickness of the paper tube, the lower the grade of yarn tube paper, and the greater the proportion of reduction in the compressive strength of the paper tube. In addition, the overlapping between the arrangement layers of the paper tray shall be uniform. 

The overlapping size is generally about 11 ~ 15mm. If the size is too large or too small, the compressive strength of the paper tube will be reduced. Therefore, plastic bags should be used for packaging during the storage of the paper tube, and the paper tube should be taken at any time during the use, so as to avoid the paper tube contacting the air for a long time, resulting in moisture of the product, slight reduction of pressure resistance and affecting the use. If the chemical fiber paper tube is affected by moisture and affects the radial compressive strength, it will cause great potential safety hazards in the process of use. Therefore, the production environment and storage environment of the paper tube should be strictly controlled.