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Quality inspection requirements for paper core cylinder
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Quality inspection requirements for paper core cylinder

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Quality inspection requirements for paper core barrels: before use, it is necessary to check whether the paper core barrels of the same batch or box are mixed. Before use, check the appearance of the paper core cylinder for deformation, tail grooves, short length, small inner diameter, contacts, oil stains, peeling, color difference, moisture regain and other phenomena. Before use, check whether the label in the paper core cylinder is correct.

There are many kinds of paper core cylinders with different uses. The common ones are high-strength paper core cylinders, spandex paper core cylinders, etc. their uses are introduced below. High strength paper core cylinder: with high compressive strength and stable surface gap, it is widely used in papermaking, film and other winding industries. Its outstanding advantage is that it is suitable for winding with high speed and large bearing capacity, and has high cost performance. Small wall thick paper core cylinder: with thin wall, flat end face and accurate length, it is suitable for adhesive, fresh-keeping film, medicine and other industries.

Spandex paper core cylinder: accurate geometric size and weight, high strength, professional slotting, automatic production with imported equipment, excellent quality, large production capacity, suitable for the winding of spandex and other fibers.

Customized packaging of paper core cylinder is a common daily packaging material. Paper tube is characterized by rich materials, paper economy, rich paperboard materials, wide sources, easy mass production and low cost. It can reduce the cost of packaging and transportation. Compared with other materials, packaging containers with good protection function have strong cushioning and shock absorption function. The structure of the paper core cylinder is tight and seamless, which can block light and dust. Because of the choice of many new processes and the development of new varieties, the paper core cylinder can be compared with other packaging products in strength, stiffness, moisture resistance and so on.