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Storing paper tubes and methods of improving the strength of paper tubes
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Storing paper tubes and methods of improving the strength of paper tubes

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The raw material of the paper tube is paper. The material has good environmental protection, which can be recycled and treated in an environmentally friendly manner. Moreover, the pressure resistance of the product is relatively strong. In the process of transportation, the quality of the product can also be well guaranteed. In the process of production, products with different specifications, patterns and styles can be customized according to the needs of users. We are familiar with the characteristics and practicability of paper tubes, but we may still need professional people to introduce the bottom wrinkle of paper tubes on BOPET film slitting.

I. The worse the straightness of the paper tube is, the corresponding increase of the bottom wrinkle will occur. Straightness is the key factor affecting the bottom wrinkle of the paper tube. At the same time, on the premise of ensuring the straightness, increasing the wall thickness of the paper tube and using good paper can improve the compressive strength of the paper tube and reduce the bottom wrinkle.

II. Controlling the stability of the parameters of various mechanical equipment used in the production process and preventing sudden changes from affecting the quality are the early guarantee to reduce the wrinkle of the product.

III. In the process of operation, check and confirm the method of selecting paper tube and pasting film:

1、 The stacking height of paper pipes shall be controlled at about 5 meters, and they shall be stacked by classification to leave enough driving space for forklifts.

2、 When stacking, avoid placing the paper tube with small diameter on the paper tube with large diameter, so the unstable stacking is prone to accidents.

3、 Stack the paper tubes to ensure convenient access, and try to avoid unnecessary moving, which is easy to cause damage or even scrap of the paper tubes.

4、 The temperature and humidity of the warehouse should be strictly controlled to provide a suitable environment for the paper tube.

5、 Barcode technology is applied to encode the paper tubes and store them orderly, which is convenient for statistics and accounting.

The quality of paper tube is closely related to its strength. How to improve the strength of paper tube is the concern of manufacturers.

1、 Good material selection. The production of raw materials is the first step. Thick kraft paper should not be selected, but thin paper should be selected as raw materials on the premise of ensuring quality;

2、 Choice of glue. Ordinary glue certainly has no more advantages than imported glue. Imported glue has excellent compressive strength, water resistance and frost resistance;

Industrial Cardboard pipe is a kind of packaging material commonly used in modern logistics. Its application can effectively ensure the storage and transportation of goods, greatly improve the efficiency of industrial transportation, and ensure the speed and effectiveness of logistics transportation. In fact, before learning to use industrial paper tubes, you should also choose the correct method of purchase. Choosing real high-quality industrial paper tubes, the use time is naturally longer than that of ordinary low-quality industrial paper tubes. Any article will have relevant product instructions, and the same is true of industrial paper tubes. It has specific use occasions and use methods. In the process of use, you should follow the instructions.