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The paper tube industry is developing steadily
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The paper tube industry is developing steadily

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The pace of social development is faster and faster. There is fierce competition in many industries every day, and the packaging industry is no exception. With the gradual accumulation of time, China's packaging industry began to integrate with the international market. The scientific and technological development of packaging is fast, and continues to improve in the direction of economy, efficiency and multi-function. In the packaging industry, the paper packaging industry is developing faster and faster. 

In order to use the development of the paper industry, the requirements for the paper tube machine are also higher and higher, and the requirements for practicability and quality are continuously improved, which accelerates the frequency of the renewal of the paper tube machine. The way of upgrading is to replace local parts or key parts and key technologies, so as to achieve the purpose of replacing a unit and update the production capacity, performance, efficiency, model and assembly mode of the original packaging machinery and equipment or production line. In this way, most parts and unit parts can be reused, which can not only improve the value of equipment, save raw materials and a lot of labor, but also reduce the cost.