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The use of paper tube in life
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The use of paper tube in life

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1、 Paper tubes can be used to print pictures. Materials: paper tubes of various sizes. Various pigments. Method: paint the paper tube with paint and press it on the paper. It can be printed into a prototype, which can be used as animal head, eye, etc. If the paper tube is pressed on the paper with a little force by hand, it can be printed into oval or even irregular shapes, and can be used as animal bodies, ears, legs, tails, etc.

2、 Paper tubes can be used to make rocket models. Materials: paper tube, hard white cardboard, glue. Method: cut the cardboard into sectors and make it into a cone. Cut three 5cm long seams at one end of the paper tube at equal intervals. Cut the hard cardboard into three pieces according to the figure to make the tail balance wing. Finally, the rocket head, body and tail are bonded to each other, painted with paint and stained with five pointed stars.

3、 Paper tubes can be made. Train model. Materials: paper tube, raw building block, toothpaste cover, fire stick, super glue. Method: stick the toothpaste cover on the visual surface to make it look like a train. Seal both ends of the paper tube and leave small holes. Try to fix the paper tube on the round building block or bearing. Tie the upper line in the middle of the fire material stick, and the match head goes through the small hole.