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Use of Tray Carton
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Use of Tray Carton

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The development prospect of the customized paper tray carton industry is very good. Because it brings many benefits to the enterprise when it is used, it is favored by customers. In order to let you know more about it, let's talk about the purpose of the customized paper tray? I hope it can help more people.

Nowadays, many people don't know some basic information about customized paper holders, so as manufacturers, it is necessary for us to briefly explain that in fact, customized paper holders have good shockproof, shockproof, anti-static, rust-proof effects, no pollution to the environment, and more conducive to the export of manufacturers' products. It is widely used in the packaging of electronics, electrical appliances, computers, mechanical parts, industrial instruments, handicraft glass, ceramics, toys, medicine and other industries. As you can see, many electronic products are very sensitive to the impact of the environment, such as fear of collision, static electricity, moisture and rust. Therefore, the choice of packaging is also very cautious. At present, many products are not affected during transportation and storage. Therefore, paper tray packaging with cushioning, moisture-proof, rust-proof and anti-static properties is the choice, and special additives can be added in the production process to expand its performance!

The customized paper tray carton is mainly made of waste cardboard, newsprint, white pure wood pulp and other raw materials, mixed to a certain pulp content through pulping, put into the customized CNC mold according to the product design, vacuum adsorption molding, drying and then made into an environment-friendly shape. Friendly paper products suitable for different types and uses. When using the customized paper holder, it also has good impact resistance, impact resistance, anti-static and anti-corrosion effects, does not pollute the environment, and is more beneficial to the export of the manufacturer's products. In the forming of pulp, boxes, newsprint, etc. are used, and many wastes are made of white pure wood pulp. According to the customer's requirements, if the molding is now carried out through customized numerical control molds, the mass molding can be customized according to the customer's wishes to a large extent. Because most of the materials used are boxes, newspapers, etc., this is the secondary utilization of resources. Now the customized paper holder is mainly used for the lining of large and small household appliances, mechanical parts, electronic products and lighting. Mainly used for fruit, poultry eggs and agricultural food bowls. Of course, it is also used for food bowls, basins and supermarket food trays.