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What are the advantages of Packing Tubes
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What are the advantages of Packing Tubes

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The advantages of Packing Tubes:

1. Stacked on flat sides is more stable

2. Save space

3. Trends in the use of high-end packaging and big brands

4. More suitable for gift box/gift set

5. Easier to display the logo effect on the cover

6. There are more choices in materials, printing and craftsmanship

7. Better display the overall layout of the design, with better cohesion

8. Suitable for printing gorgeous and shiny design, strong visual impact

9. More concise structure, smooth lines, giving a feeling of luxury

10. Better highlight the texture value of the product itself

11. You can mix and match accessories at will, such as ribbons, bows, flashing diamonds, small ornaments, etc., with a high sense of integration

12. Not just a simple packaging, but also a decoration gift or art