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What are the characteristics of color packaging box printing
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What are the characteristics of color packaging box printing

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Nowadays, there are many printing factories for packaging color boxes of all sizes. Although the printing of packaging color boxes has many similarities with ordinary printed materials, due to the fact that packaging color boxes are mainly used for product packaging, they will have various shapes in appearance, making color box printing more diverse and complex. Let's learn about the characteristics of color box printing.

1. Diversified printing materials

Due to the fact that color packaging boxes are mostly used for product packaging, they have the characteristic of diverse printing materials. In addition to commonly used paper and cardboard, they will also be printed on plastic, metal, glass, ceramics, and various matching materials. In addition, according to the shape of the packaging, they will also be printed on flat, curved, and irregular surfaces.

2. Diversified printing methods

In addition to conventional Hectograph, intaglio printing, Flexography and screen printing, in order to add some special decoration or functional effects, color packaging box printing with guaranteed quality usually uses some special printing technologies, such as three-dimensional printing, laser holographic printing, liquid crystal printing and combination printing.

3. Diversified processing before and after printing

Due to the wide variety of material batches used for printing on color packaging boxes, the processing processes before and after printing also exhibit diverse characteristics. Additionally, different processing techniques such as glazing, laminating, stamping, and die-cutting are also used depending on the material. For example, when printing on plastic packaging, in order to eliminate surface static electricity and ensure better adhesion of the ink to the plastic surface, Before printing the color packaging box, corona treatment should be used. If it is a metal material, white ink should be printed before printing, and after printing, gloss oil should be added and stamping into cans should be carried out for processing.