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What are the problems with eco-friendly packaging?
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What are the problems with eco-friendly packaging?

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Degradable environmental protection packaging box refers to organic substances that can be naturally synthesized, including plants, food, dung, paper, wood, fertilizer, etc. Under the action of microorganisms, bacteria, molds and algae, biochemical reactions occur, causing various changes from appearance mildew to internal quality change, forming compounds in common natural forms such as carbon dioxide and water. The data can be degraded and the impact on the environment is greatly reduced.

At present, the degradable composite materials on the market refer to the polymer reaching the end of its life cycle, which reduces the molecular weight of polymer materials (plastics) and physical properties. Typical performance is: plastic is fragile, cracked, softened, hardened, and lost strength. The aging and metamorphosis of plastics is also a degradation phenomenon. However, it will take about 100 years for plastics to degrade into environmental debris and convert into CO2 and water, which will cause serious pollution in a short time.

Based on our comprehensive analysis of the current market, we can say that the future of pulp molded packaging products is bright, the market is gradually developing from rough processing to deep processing, and industrial equipment is also moving towards energy conservation and intelligence! It can be predicted that in the future, not only well-designed but also affordable pulp molded packaging products will be everywhere in our lives.