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What are the protective measures for Carton Protector
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What are the protective measures for Carton Protector

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The protective measures for Carton Protector:

First, side protection: we can provide customers with corner plates with specified thickness and length.

Second, corner protection: wrap all the corners of the product with corner protection plate, which can protect and support the product during the whole handling operation.

Third, the protection of all corners: the edge plate can wrap the product together from all sides to make it stronger and firm.

Fourth, edge protection and protection of products to prevent damage from binding.

Fifth, the edge protection and corner protection board can fix the goods on the pallet and also play a protective role.

Sixth, the laminate and paperboard laminate are laminated with high-quality hydrosol. The structure is very strong and firm, and can resist extrusion and impact in use.

Seventh, the surrounding corner guard and the surrounding corner guard can be bent arbitrarily, so as to protect the inner and outer edges of the cylindrical product.

Eighth, the terminal protection and corner protection plate can protect the places where the edges and corners of the product are easy to be damaged, which can not only fix the double of the product, but also prevent the damage caused by the packing belt.

Ninth, increase the strength of the corner. The corner guard can reinforce the inside of the box to increase the stacking strength.

Tenth, automatic bonding and automatic bonding of corner protection plate, so that the corner protection plate can be easily fixed on the packaging edge, so as to simplify the packaging procedure.

Eleventh, U-shaped corner guards and U-shaped corner guards are produced for customers with special needs, so that the edges and corners of the products can be more fully protected.

Twelfth, using high-quality paperboard as raw material, multi-layer paperboard is pressed into standard corner guards.

Thirteenth, the recycling mark, which proves that the product is made of recycled raw materials. The use of this sign must meet the standards of recovery and recycling.