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What role does paper tube play in the development of environmental protection industry
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What role does paper tube play in the development of environmental protection industry

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Paper tube is a kind of pulp made by chemical cooking with sulfate reagent and bleaching. Its manufacturing process is similar to that of general pulp, but its properties and uses are very different from that of general paper pulp. Due to the special use and irreplaceable nature of paper tubes, more and more businesses have been attracted to invest in this market in recent years. According to statistics, about 90% of the paper tubes in the world are produced in the southeast of the United States. The region has a subtropical monsoon climate. Affected by the Gulf Stream, the climate is warm and humid, which is very suitable for the growth of Slash Pine and loblolly pine. These Southern Pine fibers are long and thick. They are high-quality raw materials for the production of paper tubes.

At present, the quotation of domestic imported paper tubes is 6000-6300 yuan per ton of untreated paper tubes, and 6200-6500 yuan per ton of processed paper tubes. It is reported that in August, foreign investors are likely to raise the price of imported paper tubes again, mainly because domestic paper tubes have been dependent on imports. In addition, the market peak season in August is coming, many customers begin to rush out orders, and the market demand will be amplified again. It is expected that the increase of imported paper tubes in August will reach US $30 per ton. Due to the small output of domestic paper tubes, the possibility of price rise cannot be ruled out. Stimulated by the market demand, China's paper tube consumption has increased rapidly in the past 10 years, but the domestic paper tube production capacity has failed to expand at the same time. The reason is mainly restricted by the lack of wood raw materials. China's forest resources are mainly distributed in the northeast and southwest state-owned forest areas. Further comparison of geographical location and climatic conditions shows that only a few areas in Fujian, Guangdong and Guangxi are suitable for the production of paper tubes. In recent years, foreign transnational paper giants have taken the Chinese market one after another. Many international paper groups have successively invested in the construction of large pulp mills in China. At the same time, they have also brought advanced technology and management to meet the technical needs of China's independent paper tube mills. The domestic market may take advantage of this situation to rise many small and medium-sized paper tube manufacturers.