Economical kraft mailing tubes are great for document storage or for mailing.

  • 3-ply spiral wound construction for strength.

  • White end caps (included) snap into place to hold contents secure.

  • Caps will not pop off during shipment.

  • Tubes are reusable and recyclable.

  • Tube Inner diameter:20mm~140mm

  • Tube Wall thickness:1mm~8mm


  • Mailers for artwork

  • Mailing computer usb cable

  • Documents mailers

  • Tubes engineering prints

  • Mailers for all mail Order Products

  • Mailers for map

  • Mailers for candle|soap|pencil

  • Baseball bat packing

  • Food Products

  • Fulfillment Houses

  • Garment industry

  • Jewelers

  • Mail Order Businesses

  • Restaurants

  • Retail