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Why paper tray carton is an environmental protection product
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Why paper tray carton is an environmental protection product

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Paper tray carton, also known as pulp molding, paper plastic paper tray, because the paper tray carton is formed from the pulp, it has good shockproof, shockproof, anti-static, anti-corrosion effects, and has no pollution to the environment, and is more conducive to the export of manufacturers' products. It is widely used in the packaging of electronics, electrical appliances, computers, mechanical parts, industrial instruments, handicraft glass, ceramics, toys, medicine and other industries.

Why the paper tray carton is an environment-friendly product? We can see from the composition of the paper tray. The pulp molded from the paper tray pulp is made from many waste materials such as cartons, newsprint, and white pure wood pulp pulps. According to the customer's requirements, it is finally molded through customized numerical control molds. Therefore, to a large extent, pulp molding can be customized according to the customer's preferences. Because most of the materials used are cartons and newspapers, this is a secondary use of resources.

Our paper tray can be used in many industries, such as industry, agriculture, medical and so on.

1. Industrial paper holder: mainly used for lining packaging of large and small household appliances, mechanical accessories, electronic products and lighting.

2. Agricultural paper tray: mainly used for fruit, poultry eggs and agricultural nutrition bowl.

3. Medical products: disposable medical products mainly used in hospitals and war fronts, such as paper urinals, paper bedpans, etc. Compared with plastic and stainless steel products, it has the advantages of being able to be broken into paper fibers at one time and discharged into the hospital sewage system, which can absolutely avoid cross bacterial contamination.